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Next you get a chance to test your shooting skills , as you shoot on the static range. The static range comprises of a series of targets to be engaged ( Shot ) from a standing position, & from one spot against the clock!

"The Steel Challenge"!
"Run n Gun"!

After the static range , we move on to something a little more skilful.

You will engage the next set of Static, & Moving  targets, in order whilst moving & shooting around a set of obstacles. This course of fire is also run against the clock.

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We are just outside the town of Charmouth in West Dorset. Our action Air Range is sited in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and only 2 miles away from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. look for us above the Tunnel Target sports Centre. & next to Tunnel treetops. why not combine your visit with a trip to Tunnel Treetops.

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Safety First!

Our Action Air sessions begin with a safety briefing , followed by an introduction to all equipment, including Airsoft pistols & Rifles

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Are You Ready?

Stand By ...

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Trying out Action Air
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Practical Shooting  on our Action air Range , is a safe & dynamic,  competitive target shooting   sporting Activity..

The rules of the sport are the same as those used by our “real steel” activities, except we call it "Action Air"  and real firearms are replaced with Airsoft Rifles & Pistols.

Summer Sessions Family Friendly age 10 +

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Family fun on our range today!!! #actionair #ipsc #shootingsports #dorset #summerholidays
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All sessions fully supervised by our friendly & experienced  Team

Beginners & Family Groups welcome.

Training & Safety Briefing  with qualified & experienced 

Range officers.

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"Three Gun"!

The 3 Gun Challenge - You will Run a "Course of Fire" , using Action Air,  Pistol - Rifle, & Shotgun. You will engage targets whilst moving & shooting around a set of obstacles. This challenging course of fire is also run against the clock.

Full Training given + supervision & Range officer present throughout.

Prices -  Summer 2022
Adults - £20
Juniors - £15
Family - £60  ( 2 Adults & 2 Juniors) 


Sessions take place over about an hour. Each session can be adapted to the participants experience & skill level.

All safety & Airsoft equipment provided. Participants must be over 10 years old. Maximum no of participants per group 6. For larger bookings please get in touch via our contact form. 

Participants must follow all safety guidelines outlined by the Range officer.

The Range officer may terminate a session at any time , if they feel  public safety is compromised.

Refunds will not be offered if a session brought to a close due to safety infraction.

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Training with Action Air

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New for 2022

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We are also delivering a series of more focused  indoor Action Air training sessions for 2022


Air Soft weapons make great, safe training tools. No matter if your training for a competition, or wish to build up your plinking skills. 


Air Soft weapons are also used by Military & Police organisations around the World as safe & cost effective training tools. 

At Action Air we focus on the former,  With Competition as our focus, however Skills also transfer well to "Air Soft Skirmish", & "Live fire Practical Shooting".


What we offer

Beginner, & intermediate training & advise in the safe application of the following.......


Correct Grip & Stance


Drawing from a holster


Speed Reloads


Shooting with both eyes open


Dry fire Tips & Exercises


Sessions available to Adults & Young people 14+

Skills transferable between "Action Air " & "Live fire"

Maximum number of 10 participants per session.

Equipment  provided £35 per Adult £30 14 - 18

Please contact  via our contact form for more information & availability.

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